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So, I wanna submit a demo to some producers, but I need a woman with whom I can shoot a video. If it's just me jacking off ... Well, that doesn't show them how well I can bang now, does it? I have a ton of potential videographers lined up to record us, some with pretty good credentials. I just need to find the woman that's looking to get internet famous with me (and probably more so, cause the porn industry is definitely one of those in which the females get paid way more).

a little about me:

I'm 35, 5 foot 11, and weigh 148 pounds. I'm slightly on the slender side, but very toned. I can send pictures to those that are serious. Then we can talk about what kind of video we're gonna shoot, how much money you want to make, etc.

and we'll go from there

Until this point I've only modeled nude, so let's take this to the next level. I'm open-minded, and it goes without saying that my sex drive is through the roof!
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