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I am promoting my artwork. I paint a variety of subject matter that you can see from my pictures, and use the appropriate tools, paint, and so forth continually working with the clients needs and wants from start to finish. From Restaurants, Schools, Coffee shops, to Toddler's rooms, Churches, and family together we can find a place for my style of Art in your space.

My pricing is very reasonable, and original work and I give FREE price quotes ! So if you know someone who wants to spice a room, office, or business up let me know. I will give the one I receive the lead from (that results in a sale of my artwork) via email, phone or contacts me in person; a finders bonus of 10% of the final charge for the artwork. If you are the one wanting the art I will take 20% off of your final cost. You can exchange the 10% finders bonus for FREE Artwork from me!

Have a look through my Art Galleries here: where a multitude of Prints are available along with Throw Pillows, and Phone Cases, Yoga Mats, Spiral Notebooks, Comforters and much more!

I have artwork displayed on Facebook, which you can visit at and please feel free to like my page.

My Original paintings and Prints can be found searching Original Art by Jason Girard on eBay.

Hope to hear from you !

Jason Girard
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