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If great automobiles are your passion, you'll want to own this huge set of Automobile Quarterly books which began with Volume 1 #1 in the spring of 1962 and ended with Volume 52 #1 in the first quarter of 2012, a total of 205 magnificent books.
Automobile Quarterly was published quarterly in hard-cover format and is known for its exceptional writing and research, stunning color photography as well as rare black and white archival photos. You'll find cars, trucks and other vehicles of all kinds and from all eras -- the classic, contemporary, import, great cars of the world, unusual, special interest, sports & racing, pre-war, post-war, high performance, etc. - from Abarth to Zzipper!

This set consists of over 175 volumes starting with volume 10-2 and finishes with the last volume which is 52-1A. I have a complete list of the volumes and articles available. let me know if interested.

Here's your opportunity to have your own comprehensive and informative library of automotive history. Hardbound and without advertising, Automobile Quarterly is the ultimate journal of automotive history and a wonderful reference source of the highest quality. You won't be disappointed!

They are currently in 6 nice solid boxes and ready for you to take home.

I have enjoyed reading these and am amazed at the information which is included in them---and the quality of the presentation.

I'm offering to bring these to the Lincoln auto swap meet on the 4th and you can pick them up from my car. Please contact me if interested. Otherwise contact me and we can work out some sort of delivery or pickup here in Columbus.

I feel these deserve to be kept together but will consider offers for large portions of the set possibly.

The asking price is 6 per issue for the total but the site won't let me show that. That works out to 1050
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