Suicide squad of sales (Omaha)

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Absolutely! Let's make this offer irresistible:


**Title: Unlock Unprecedented Sales Success with a Team Like No Other!**

Are you ready to transform your business and leave your competition in the dust? We are a unique team of 15 relentless, hardworking individuals who have overcome immense challenges and are now laser-focused on achieving greatness. Despite our pasts, we are brimming with potential and ready to deliver outstanding results for your business.

**What We Offer:**
- **Unstoppable Work Ethic:** Our team is fueled by determination and grit. We’re street-smart hustlers with a Wall Street mentality, ready to channel our energy into driving your sales through the roof.
- **Sales Superstars:** We possess unmatched sales skills and an aggressive hunter mentality. We know how to close deals and crush targets like no one else.
- **Absolute Commitment:** Our dedication to staying clean and working hard is unwavering. We bring loyalty, resilience, and a hunger for success to your business.

**What We Need:**
- **A Golden Opportunity:** We’re looking for an employer who believes in second chances. We propose an employee-owned business model or commission-based roles that allow us to earn based on our performance.
- **Nonprofit Support:** We dream of starting a nonprofit to help others like us. We need guidance and support to turn this vision into reality.
- **Financial Backing:** Grants, donations, or any financial support to help us establish a program or business would be immensely valuable.

**Why You Shouldn't Miss This Opportunity:**
- **Phenomenal ROI:** One of us can outperform 10 of your best employees.

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