làm cho bài đăng này được yêu thích 11/24: Concordia Goodies and Gifts Holiday Bazaar (15656 Fort Street) ẩn bài đăng này hiện

156th Street at Fort St.

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đ.đm: Concordia High School

We are looking for vendors for our holiday craft sale on Saturday, November 24th from 9-3. Our spots are 9 x 11 for only $45. We advertise in the OWH, Facebook, Craig's list and with tons of signage. We have over 200 families attending our school who all hear about our sale weekly! We offer free coffee and tea to our vendors. There is an admission fee the day of the sale for those 12 and older, $2. We have lots of volunteers to help you carry in your products to get set up.
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