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United States Two Biggest Gangs Are Republicans And Democrats (Fix Our Government!! Bring This Country Together)

Term Limits: 8 Years for Senators and Congress. 8 Years for President. We would get much more done in this country if we only had term limits. As then maybe lots of people would have back bones and stand up for what they believe in. With term limits there would be lots less of pier pressure and we might even be able to fix this country.

One can only hope as they never should shut down the government again and using people as hostages to solve our problems. It just didn't affect a third of government it affected us all. Imagine the cost to us tax payers, it cost us to recoup our loses and pay people who didn't even work. And the cost to fix up all the areas abandoned by our government. When it comes to shutting down our government to give one party or the other leverage to make a deal is just wrong. Instead of shutting our government down and us tax payers picking up the price tag. It should be submitted to the American people to vote on. Government should never be shut down. Thinned out of course.

Our votes for who becomes president don't even count as we should also get rid of the Electoral-Vote. As people can be bought or black mailed or influenced to carry there vote for special favors. Yes it would have changed who would have been president twice so far. A Republican and a Democrat.

Some of you might say that New York or California could decide who our president would be. Living in both states I met more people from other states then I found who was born in them. Most all moved there for higher and better jobs. Same with Florida but lots retire there also.
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