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Hi! My name is Jim and I am looking for a basement rental preferably with a private bathroom.

I am a Wallpaper and Painting Contractor by day (38 years in the business) just gave away my age...LOL although I don't really look like it and I am a very energetic person. Need any help with projects around the house or need to upgrade paint, I am your man!!

Evenings and weekends are mostly spent working on my Network Marketing business online or weather permitting, on the golf course!

I am a huge sports fan, especially Husker football and the Kansas City Chiefs!!

You will find that I am very easy to get along with, clean, and have kind of a dry sense of humor.

I said that I am looking for a basement rental because of the room that I need. I have all of my own bedroom furniture but also need room for my computer desk and some basic recording equipment as I do a lot of videos and Facebook Live's for my online business.

With all of that being said...I currently live and take care of my 85 year old parents as I was the only one of 4 sons that is currently single. We are in the process of moving them into an assisted living facility and putting their house on the market.

I have 2 grown daughters of which my oldest is 23 and married and my youngest is 20.

I think that you would find that I would make an excellent roommate!

I am looking to move sometime in April.

I would love to meet with you and see if you think that I would be someone that you would like to share your home with!

I have included a couple of pics of myself and my 2 baby girls...Not such babies anymore except in my heart!! :)
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