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The harsh winters and hot summers speed up the deterioration of exterior materials on your home and your chimney is no exception. Many masons can come and re-brick your chimney and in time you will be back in the same spot you are now. To build a better chimney you must first understand why your original chimney failed. WATER ALWAYS WINS. Take the Grand Canyon for example. If you look at your chimney as well as others that are failing you will find a common denominator. There is no overhang to direct the water away. Your home has a roof with an overhang and your chimney should have one as well.

I can not only extend the life of your chimney but add beauty to it as well. I am a second generation mason that has learned from the best and can do it for less. I will repair your chimney the right way with the right material and top it off with a decorative concrete cap that will be reinforced internally with steel and then formed and poured in place. This cap will add beauty and provide an overhang to direct water away from your chimney protecting it from the elements year round.

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