Portable / Convertible Bench - $300

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Home Made
Portable / Convertible Bench - 300
Designed (over-designed) and built (over built) by a mechanical engineer / carpenter.
Year after year, I pursued prairie dogs with an inadequate bench. I tried several options before designing and building my own.
The main feature of this bench is the nearly round configuration. 42” across the flats, 12 sided (dodecagon) makes it easy to change direction on the range. No fiddling around and adjusting your bench. It also rolls vert easy, important as it is HEAVY. Top and bottom are both ½” plywood covering a 2” x 2” inner framework. Screws and glue construction. I coated it all with a good solid layer of exterior grade paint, then covered the top with indoor / outdoor carpeting. On a bright sunny day, this makes a huge difference!
Option 1 – Standard Mode – extra tall legs put the table height taller than normal. Way more better visibility, plus a hugely improved posture. Spend the day on the prairie dog patch and it really does make a difference. There is a matching, tall stool for this option. Both rest on removable galvanized pipe legs with caps. Three legs, so you never have a wobbly bench
Option 2 – 2” Receiver Hitch Mounted – my personal favorite! The mounting system is two pieces. Slip the support into your 2” hitch receiver and pin it in place. Lower the support arm, then slide the top into place. Easy to lift it up, then pin it to secure. There are attach points for tie down straps to add stability. I won’t promise it will fit every truck out there, but it certainly worked on my 1500 Silverado and my Honda Ridgeline. Just a 5 gallon bucket or a cooler in the bed to sit on.
Two greats thing about this option:
A) how easy it is to move about in the field. I left my bags and rest on top and they never fell off when moving. Just back into the edge of a town and go! My first move was always just to back up a bit – 200 yards or so. Easy, peasy…
B) it gets you way up in the air – opening yourself up to plenty more opportunities. A huge benefit!
I just gave all of the metal work a fresh coat of industrial powder coat – it is looking sharp! New hardware for the pivot pins as well.
PM for more info or if you have any questions.
This is big and heavy; you will need to pick it up. Located near Memorial Park, Omaha, Nebraska.

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